Zoom conference, June 2020

Zoom conference, June 2020

Yesterday, the research group Experimental Studies of Complex Human Behavior arranged a mini-conference on emergent stimulus relations. People could attend the conference via Zoom. Fifty-seven people were logged on; India, Ghana, Brazil, US, UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway were represented.

Anette presented a paper on the Establishment of Conditional Discriminations and Formation of Emerged Relations in Older Adults and Younger Adults. Jon Magnus presented a paper on Teaching Skills About Content of Nutrition in a Matching-to-Sample Format. Live presented a paper on the Number of Meaningful Stimuli in Matching-to-Sample Procedure and Eye-Tracking. Guro presented a paper on N400 Compared Between Adults With and Without High Functioning Autism. Erik presented a paper on Observing Matching-to-Sample Performance and Stimulus Sorting. Professor Deisy de Souza served as a discussant and had some very thoughtful comments. The last part of the conference included questions and discussions.

Thank you to everyone who attended the mini-conference. All were stimulating and great fun.

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  1. The papers and the presentations were outstanding! Congratulations, Erik and the entire ESCoHub group! I enjoyed very much being part of the event.

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