Experimental Studies of Complex Human Behavior Lab

The research group focuses on experimental work within stimulus control topics in human participants. All projects are organized by building brick on brick, such that we have an extensive empirical data on the effect of a variety of parameters in conditional-discrimination procedures and stimulus equivalence.

One of the goals is to be a leading research group on topics within conditional discrimination and stimulus equivalence. An overview of MA projects and their respective publications are available by clicking here.

The material from previous semesters is available by clicking here. The lab meetings are scheduled every Thursday and start at 3:07 PM and last for 4–5 hours. The meetings will include discussion of a text or presentation of a project, followed by presentations of data from different experiments and discussion of research questions. The agenda for the spring semester by clicking here. Please contact me on erik.arntzen@equivalence.net if you are interested to join the lab group.