Mini-conference on Emergent Stimulus Relations

Mini-conference on Emergent Stimulus Relations

The research group Experimental Studies of Complex Human Behavior is arranging a mini-conference on Thursday, June 18th. The event starts at 3:00 pm Norwegian time. Participating will give opportunities for continuing education requirements for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Presenters are Ph.D. candidates Anette Brogård-Antonsen, Jon Magnus Eilertsen, Guro Granerud, and Live Fay Braaten, and professor Erik Arntzen, OsloMet, Norway

Discussant: Professor Deisy de Souza, University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

Establishment of Conditional Discriminations and Formation of Emerged Relations in Older Adults and Younger Adults


Teaching Skills About Content of Nutrition in a Matching-to-Sample Format

(Jon Magnus)

Number of Meaningful Stimuli in Matching-to-Sample Procedure and Eye-Tracking


N400 Compared Between Adults With and Without High Functioning Autism


Observing Matching-to-Sample Performance and Stimulus Sorting


The meeting room will be announced later. The number of people who can attend depends on national guidance about social distance. However, it will be possible to participate in this event via Zoom. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


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