NameMonth, Date, YearTitle
Torunn LianApril, 19th, 2013Variables influencing responding in accordance with stimulus equivalence
Christoffer EilifsenAugust, 29th, 2014he Use of Different Experimental Designs to Assess Effects of Training Arrangements on Conditional Discrimination and Stimulus Equivalence Performance
Richard K. NarteyJanuary, 16th, 2015Meaningful Stimuli and the Enhancement of Equivalence Class Formation
Hanna Steinunn SteingrimsdottirAugust, 28th, 2015Learning and Remembering in Older Adults and Older Adults with Neurocognitive Disorders
Steffen HansenJune, 19th, 2017Increased Knowledge about Eye Movements. A Systematical Manipulation of Traning Directionality in Matching-to-Sample Tasks
Aleksander VieMarch, 6th, 2018Delayed Matching-to-Sample and Stimulus Equivalence
Justice MensahApril, 8th, 2019The Role of Meaningful Stimuli in the Formation of Equivalence Classes
Vanessa Ayres PereiraNovember, 25th, 2019Emergence of Large Equivalence Classes as a Function of Different Training Structures